Online Mastermind OM🔴IYARI™

OM🔴IYARI™ is an online salon where you can learn Japanese language and culture. This is a free-talk Japanese language class that matches foreigners who want to study Japanese with Japanese people who want to promote international exchange by teaching Japanese.

In addition, it is also the only online salon in the world where you can learn about "sympathy" as a Japanese culture. You will learn compassion through the salon, and ultimately aim for a score of 800 or more on the OM🔴TEST™, a test of compassion and hospitality.

Please see the PV below for OM🔴TEST™


Omoiyari is Profitable
Omoiyari is Harmony
Omoiyari is World Peace

◆ Salon membership fee

Our online salon is free.

◆ 利用方法 / Step


■自己紹介(ステップ1 of 5)
■サークル(ステップ2 of 5)
OM●IYARI™ には幾つかのサークルを設定しています。自分に合ったサークルを見つけてください。トピックがそのままサークルとなるのでトピックをタップしてそのサークルのみの投稿を見れます。
※サークルの内容は  OM●IYARI™   の概要(About)にて確認できます。
■コメント(ステップ3 of 5)
サークルの投稿に実際にコメントしてみましょう。質問でも感想でも回答でも何でもOKです。OM●IYARI™ では言語は問いません。とにかく参加してみましょう。
■自習(ステップ4 of 5)
継続して思いやりを独自に勉強することは大事な事です。OM●IYARI™ でももちろん勉強できますが、自習した思いやりを試したり練習する場でもあります。効率良く活用してください。
■応用(ステップ5 of 5)
慣れて来たら OM●IYARI™ をさらに応用してみましょう。自分でスレッドとして投稿したり、メンタリング制度への参加、30ミーティング(オンラインミーティング)への参加、LIVE配信のヒアリング、あるいはコロナが落ち着いたらサークルでのオフ会、その他イベント参加などもやれる事は盛り沢山です。どんどん参加してどんどん思いやりを習得していきましょう!
タイミングを感じたら、思いやり、おもてなしのテスト・OM●TEST™を受けてみましょう! OM●IYARI™ メンバーは20%オフで受験いただけます。

At OM●IYARI™, many friends from all over the world who are learning Japanese gather. Let's enjoy learning Japanese with friends in the same environment as you. Below are specific guidelines.

■Self-introduction (Step 1 of 5)
If you join, please introduce yourself in the comment section of [Self-Introduction Thread] at the top (Announcements).

■ Circle (Step 2 of 5)
OM●IYARI™ has several circles. Find a circle that suits you. Since the topic becomes the circle as it is, you can tap the topic and see the posts of only that circle.
*You can check the contents of the circle on the About page of OM●IYARI™.

■ Comments (Step 3 of 5)
Let's actually comment on the circle's post. Questions, comments, answers, anything is OK. OM●IYARI™ doesn't care about language. Join us anyway.

■ Self-study (Step 4 of 5)
It is important to continue and study compassion on your own. Of course you can study at OM●IYARI™, but it is also a place to try and practice what you have learned on your own. Please use it efficiently.

■ Application (Step 5 of 5)
Once you get used to it, try applying OM●IYARI™ more. There are plenty of things you can do, such as posting your own threads, participating in the mentoring system, participating in the 30 meeting (online meeting), listening to live broadcasts, holding off-line meetings in circles when the coronavirus calms down, and participating in other events. . Let's get more and more involved and learn more and more compassion!

When you feel the timing, let's take the OM●TEST™, a test of compassion and hospitality! OM●IYARI™ members can take the exam at 20% off.

Thank you.

◆ 投稿の例​ / Post example

  • 「へ」と「に」の違いはなんですか?
  • 日本でおススメの旅行先を教えてください
  • ビジネスメールの注意点はありますか?
  • 得意な日本料理をシェアしよう!
  • 忍者は、日本のどこに行けば会えますか?
  • What is the difference between "へ" and "に"?
  • Please tell me the recommended travel destinations in Japan
  • Are there any precautions for business emails?
  • Let's share your favorite Japanese food!
  • Where can I meet ninjas in Japan?

◆ こんな人におすすめ! / Recommended for people like this!

  • 過去に日本語を勉強したが使ってないので忘れてしまってる人
  • 日本語を勉強しているが、実践(じっせん)の場がない人
  • 忙しくて日本語を練習する時間がない人
  • 自分の日本語を通じて、日本人の友だちが欲しい人
  • 日本の会社で働いているので、日本のビジネスマナーを学びたい人
  • 日本語を勉強したいが何から始めていいか分からない
  • People who have studied Japanese in the past but have forgotten it because they haven't used it
  • People who are studying Japanese but do not have a place to practice
  • People who are too busy to practice Japanese
  • People who want Japanese friends through their Japanese
  • People who want to learn Japanese business etiquette because they work for a Japanese company
  • I want to study Japanese but I don't know what to start with

User's Review

■Greg from Belarus

   I studied Japanese because I was interested in Zen and wanted to read books about it. I would love to live in Japan someday in the future.
I have a lot of questions when I study Japanese, so I solve them with OM🔴IYARI™. Also, I'm happy that I can make friends who are in the same situation as "I'm studying Japanese."

■Yim from Thailand

   When I was a child, I watched Japanese anime and naturally fell in love with Japan. I just like talking to people, so I enjoy participating in OM🔴IYARI™ every time.
   At a language school, you study grammar and that's it, but OM🔴IYARI™ is more practical. It's completely different from just studying in class or in books.

■Shigehiko from Japan

   Shortly after I moved to Thailand, I first participated because I wanted to find new friends. I also wanted to do something to contribute to society so that I would not have any regrets after my stay. As a result, I also met my current wife (Thai).
   The appeal of OM🔴IYARI™ is that it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I think that the language school I pay for has textbooks and the same teacher every time, but here I meet different people every time.

■Jang from South Korea

   Dramas and movies made me want to be able to speak Japanese. I like Japanese dramas and movies, and I wanted to understand them, so I studied.
   I participate in OM🔴IYARI™ because I forget Japanese if I don't practice. Also, I prefer to have fun chatting rather than studying seriously, so it suits me.

■Cyril from France

   Speaking Japanese has been a dream since I was a child. She was interested in Japan. I don't know why, but it was something I longed for.
I participate in OM🔴IYARI™ because it's easy to participate and I can meet new friends. Everyone is kind.

まとめ​ / Summary


   Well, it's free, you can unsubscribe at any time, and if you get lost, just join us! 

Membership method and precautions

Online salon

Membership procedure
1. apply for membership
2. Join private Facebook groups

Membership qualification
nothing special

・This online salon is a membership system with advance application.
・You cannot join without a Facebook (FB) account.
・It takes about 3 business days from the application date to join the FB private group.
・OM🔴IYARI™ is a closed secret group. Only those who can strictly maintain confidentiality without leaking internal information can join.
・If it is determined that the operation of the salon will be significantly hindered, such as slandering or harassing other salon members, the member may be forced to withdraw.
・If it is determined that the account is not active, such as the FB account is clearly not a real name, there are no friends, or the profile is not specified, we may refuse to join.
If you wish to withdraw from the online salon, please contact him here. Once we have received your request to withdraw, we will process your withdrawal within 3 business days.
・A separate participation fee will be charged when the event is held offline.



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