Thai Ryoma

The Ryoma is a No. 189 authorized official member by Zenkoku Ryoma Shachu

バンコクに「タイ龍馬会」が正式に発会 - エキサイトニュース

■ Vision

Quickly looked at the world in the dynamics of the end of the Tokugawa period, we will spread the spirit of Ryoma Sakamoto who had rushed through all over Japan to create a new Japan, widely in the land of Thailand. We will learn from that "will" and "action ability", we will utilize this to the present, and will continue to act with the aim of connecting to the future.

We have 3 ambitions are following three,

1. Disseminate the Ryoma spirit
2. Build up character each other
3. Friendship through Ryoma

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■ Activities

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