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Crowdfunding has achieved its goals and it ends! Thank you very much!

2018/01/27   -OMOTENASHI

Results We received 1,125,000 yen of support, We were able to achieve our goal at a achievement rate of 112.5%. On behalf of NPR comrades, thank you from the bottom of my heart. https://readyfor.jp/projects/omotenashi

OM●TENASHI® project is challenging crowdfunding!

2018/01/27   -OMOTENASHI

Full refund if it can not be achieved 1 million yen! It is innocent one. It is until April 28th. First of all, please see the project page below. https://readyfor.jp/projects/omotenashi We are waiting for your support from everyone.

Our Crowdfunding Start!

2018/01/27   -OMOTENASHI

[Previous notice] The hospitality project planned by NPR finally started! The project will be made public in Crowdfunding / Readyfor soon. The keywords are "Survival of humanity", "Establishment of global manner", "Equality opportunity", "Contribution to world peace". For details, please see the project page to be released at a later date.


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