[Recruit in Tokyo] Let's NPO together for Japan!


If you live in the Tokyo metropolitan area and come with more than three pins to the following points, please contact us. I'm sure you will find something interesting and wonderful.


  1. It is not "right-handed" but purely likes Japan

  2. I want to spread Japanese culture to the world

  3. I want to do something for Japan

  4. I want to engage in activities that I can devote to other than work

  5. I am interested in volunteer activities (exchange with foreigners)

  6. Although it is not essential, it is better to have secondary income outside the core business.

  7. I want a hobby throughout life

  8. Everyday makes me mannerised, it's boring, I want stimulation

  9. I have an identity as a Japanese

  10. I want to expand my world

  11. Currently, we are recruiting comrades from all over the world in NPR and from all over Japan, but we need manpower, especially in Tokyo where we have our headquarters (NPR is an NPO corporation certified by the Cabinet Office).
    By all means, please lend us your strength. If you are interested please contact us from this inquiry form, we will reply as soon as possible! Even just listening to the story is greatly appreciated, the women are greatly welcome, and men's hands are also necessary.

    Thank you for your continued support. m(_ _)m



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