Visit poor areas where adequate education has not been done, and conduct OM●TENASHI® free seminars at there. The implementation of the "second education" that we position creates equal opportunities.

The following is an example of a OM●TENASHI® Seminar curriculum.

- First day
* Outline explanation
* The impact of OM●TENASHI® on society
* OM●TENASHI® Pyramid
* Etiquette / Manner lecture

- Second day
* Service / Hospitality lecture
* Difference between Omotenashi and hospitality
* About Time Thief
* The essence of Omotenashi

- Third day
* Question-and-answer session
* Mini test
* Certificate presentation

*Please contact us here if you would like to want OM●TENASHI® Seminar.
*Currently, OM●TENASHI® Seminar is only in Thailand.



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