4 roles of OM●TENASHI® project

Role Part 1 "Survival of humanity" -The arrival of Singularity-

Singularity which is said to be a problem in 2045. The point is that the world where AI exceeds human intellect is pressing, now, the world's big companies are competing for this development at the same time. If humanity gets lost as the world becomes mechanized and convenient, we must focus on the survival of humanity with the quest for technology. We sound an alarm bell on the loss of humanity by drowning in the convenience in front of us.

Role part 2 "Establishment of global manner" -Cultural friction accompanying globalization-

Today in globalization, the distance of the world is getting closer and closer, international mobility of people is increasing more and more. Even in Japan, it is not uncommon for seeing many scenes of nearby shops clerk was a foreigner. Also, this is not necessarily limited to immigration, what can happen in sightseeing and overseas business trip levels in common, that is cultural friction. The OM●TENASHI® project establishes global manners with respect to the culture of each country or area, and it does not imply Japanese manner. It is a global manner of the world standards.

Role Part 3 "Chance of Equality" -Unfortunately this world is inequality-

Is the equal in this world? No, unfortunately this world is built on inequality. There are a lot of people in the world who are more than we think, adequate education is not done, there is no way to have ambition, even if they have a high will, they can not go out to the world. One of the roles that the OM●TENASHI® project intends is the creation of equal opportunities. We position this OM●TENASHI® as "second education".

Role Part 4 "World Peace" -Is world peace just a mere ideal?-

Everyone will laugh world peace is just ideal, it's distant idea. We also needed a little courage to release this "World Peace" honestly. We do not think that perfect world peace will come. Because this OM●TENASHI® can not be accepted by all people of the world population. Although there are temporal factors and essential factors of human beings, in any case, we believe that we can cast a stone to world peace as much as we have accepted. Will a person who have a pitiful feeling toward a person hurt others? That's it.



■ The effect of the Test

Tests that measure human hospitality will contribute to the realization of a prosperous society. Specifically, it is used for the following applications.

It will be the criterion for hiring people
(Ideal for employment of foreign workers in particular)
Please also use it for in-house training (education) for employees

Aim to improve personal (human) ability
Learn the etiquette, international manner, service spirit, and hospitality on living human society

■ Test overview

OM●TENASHI® Test consists of the following 3 parts.

■ Part 1 Specialized subjects:
We are preparing special prospects in the Japanese construction industry at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 and the following specialized subjects assuming the elimination of visas in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Applicants choose either.
A. Architecture (in Japan)
B. Service
*This special subject may be added in the future depending on demand.

■ Part 2 Writing: The test of hospitality by writing.

■ Part 3 Practice: The test of hospitality by practical skill.

General test fee: 1,000 baht
Group test fee:  780 baht *10 people or more

Payment method and date of payment:
Bank transfer or Paypal settlement by 1 week before the test date.
*For details, we will send guidance by e-mail from the person in charge after applying.
*Group test will be 2 weeks before the test date.

As a matter of convenience for arrangements including venue arrangements, refunds are not made in principle.

Organized by: Authorized NPO Nippon PR (NPR)
Operation: KARIBE (THAILAND) Co,. Ltd.
Address: 72/9 Soi Chan 16 Yaek 6, Thanurat Rd., Khweng Thung Wat Don, Khet Sathon,
Bangkok 10120 Thailand
Tel: 0839013489
Name of Representative: MALEE KARIBE

OM●TENASHI® is a registered trademark of NPR.



Case Study

■ Individual

■ To work in Japan
In Japan, for the Tokyo Olympic Games to be held in 2020, along with an aging society, a system for accepting foreign workers is becoming necessary. However, the quality of work required by Japanese companies and the customs provided by foreign workers have a big gap, which is caused by differences in cultures, which is one issue. So, by knowing Japan's hospitality culture through OM●TENASHI® test, the people can prepare to work in Japan.

■ To upgrade your skills
We position hospitality as "second education." OM●TENASHI® is not just a test, it can be a skill improvement to enrich the mind by learning "The heart of Omotenashi" and eventually enrich the person's life. OM●TENASHI® is not just knowledge, that is wisdom accompanied by practice.

■ For an interview at a foreign-affiliated company
Along with the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) which was established at the end of 2015, it is believed that talented people from various countries gather in Bangkok more and more from now on. On the enterprise side in Bangkok, when you see talented people from various countries, there are also differences in business customs and cultures, so it seems that you may feel confused about the adoption criteria. You will learn the universal Japanese hospitality, and lead the interview in a favorable way.

■ Company

■ Foreigner recruitment interview
To recruit foreigners with different cultures, while understanding some merit somehow, it also involves risks. The score of the test that appears as a result of measuring the hospitality spirit / the heart of Omotenashi (human ability) unique to Japan that can not be seen through an interview at a single (or multiple) meeting, so it can be a best hiring criterion.

■ In-house training
Considering that all the occupations of the world can not be accomplished by one person, it can be said that all jobs are service industries in a broader sense. If it is a service industry, learning this heart of hospitality can have important elements. Please use it to improve human skills for your employee.

■ To overseas assignment staff education
Culture differs if there are different countries. Different cultures have different customs, of course, business practices will also differ. You can learn the universal spirit that will not be caught in such countries, regions, religions and times through the OM●TENASHI®.

■ To educate newcomers' store staff
The people learn from personal level etiquette, business manners, as well as from customer service, hospitality spirit and emotional level of hospitality, you will realize how is the level of his hospitality skills is, how he should aim it can be used for education.

■ Promotion requirements
It can also be used as a condition for making people into a position to put together, and a form of unannounced test to keep the quality of managerial positions. Please use it according to various situations.

■ School

■ To deepen your understanding of business etiquette
You can use it as a part of job search and learning business manners.

■ To education at a Japanese language school
They will improve their motivation to learn Japanese by letting they know Japanese culture through hospitality unique spirit of Japan.


General Test

Test Fee: 1,000 baht

Due date for payment: 1 week before the test day
*Payment on that day is +300 Baht from 6 days before

Application Method: Please proceed from the following [Apply] button, please apply.

Application Deadline: 2 weeks before the test day


Group Test

OM●TENASHI® has not only general test for individuals but also organizations such as companies, schools and other shops organized by groups. In this case, you can designate the test date and venue setting according to circumstances of each company, school, and organization. Please use it for in-house training and education.

Number of applicants: 10 people or more

Test Fee: 780 baht / person

Due date for payment: 2 weeks before the test day *Payment on that day is +300 Baht per person from 13 days before

Application method: Please proceed from the following [Apply] button, please apply.

*Please contact us if you can not prepare the venue.

Application deadline: 1 month before the desired test date



OM●TENASHI® Score 881-1000+ [Omotenashi]

Can do hospitality with its own identity.
Can behave like a level that impresses people.
Can understand and execute hospitality.

OM●TENASHI® Score 716-880 [Hospitality]

Can understand the spirit of hospitality.
Can understand the essence what is customer satisfaction.

OM●TENASHI® Score 511-715 [Service]

Can understand the spirit of service.

OM●TENASHI® Score 271-510 [Manner]

Can understand and practice international courtesy and manner.
Can give your attention, attentiveness and worry to others.

OM●TENASHI® Score 1-270 [Etiquette]

Can understand and implement etiquette.


If everyone in the world learns the heart of hospitality, "Crime and conflict will be lost?"

The answer will be "No".
Of course.
However, what I think is "to be surely few".
No, that's not all.
Understanding the heart of hospitality will inevitably enrich the heart, enrich the human mind, enrich the society, enrich the country, the world will enrich,
I am convinced that.

Unfortunately, this world is unfair, and there are many people whose education has not been adequately provided for that evidence.

If we divide this "education" into two broadly, one is compulsory education in learning, the other is OM●TENASHI®.
We position OM●TENASHI® as "second education".
This second education learns the thoughtful mind for people, the heart to entertain people, which is more advanced than moral education.
People can not live by themselves, they are universal in any age.

Japanese people traditionally learn hospitality, very naturally, as a custom in mind and body.
It will not be an overstatement to say that it is a Japanese culture as it is.

That is why we believe that it is our mission to lead this heart of hospitality to the world.
Now, OM●TENASHI® will be launched here, hoping that the world will be enriched beyond the borders, religion, and through the heart of hospitality.


In Bangkok 1st April, 2015
Authorized NPO Nippon PR
Managing Director Toshio Karibe




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