NPR is authorized NPO by Cabinet Office in Japan.
On this service, that is Japanese naming authorized service by NPR.

Let us know your requests below.
- Gender
- Number of Kanji letters (Normally 2-3 Kanji)
- Meaning
- Style (Modern/Samurai/Kirakira)
- Remarks


Naming Fee: US$15.60 *Pay in advance
Delivery: 2 weeks
Payment: Credit Card (via Paypal)

■ STEP 1 Application
Click to below [Apply] button at the bottom.

■ STEP 2 Payment
Make a payment by credit card via Paypal [Buy Now] button at the bottom.

■ STEP 3 Naming Certificate
We would send the Certificate to you within 2 weeks.

■ Examples

Sample of Certificate
"Modern Style"

Sample of Certificate
"Samurai Style"


■ Apply & Payment




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