オンラインサロン 粋華志義塾

S U I K A ー J Y U K U

 SUIKA-JYUKU is a free online Japanese language class for intermediate and advanced who learns Japanese. Specifically, it is a place to practice live Japanese conversation on facebook in a community of private facebook group.

There is only one condition to participate. That is, Japanese ability is higher than intermediate level. If you understand the following descriptions by Japanese, you will be approved as a qualification for participation.

 ***The subcommittee system was started in July 2021. As a result, even beginners of Japanese can participate. There are other subcommittees where people who want to work in Japan gather and those who want to study abroad in Japan, so please feel free to join us.

◆ 参加条件 / Participation conditions

  • facebookのアカウントがある人
  • People who have a Facebook account

◆ その他概要 / Other overview

  • 無料です / Free
  • 何歳でもOKです / Any age is OK
  • 世界中どこからでも参加OKです / Participation is OK from anywhere in the world

◆ 禁止事項​ / Prohibited matter


  • MLMや宗教などの勧誘(かんゆう)
  • 日本語以外(いがい)の言語による会話(Begginer分科会では可)
  • SUIKA-JYUKUへの一切の迷惑行為
  • 他のメンバーへの一切の迷惑行為
  • サロン内の情報を外に流す行為
  • その他会員としてふさわしくないと判断された場合
The following acts are strictly prohibited. If prohibited acts are recognized, you may be withdrawn.
  • Solicitation of MLM and religion
  • Conversation in languages other than Japanese (possible in the Beginer subcommittee)
  • Any nuisance to SUIKA-JYUKU
  • Any nuisance to other members
  • The act of disseminating information in the salon to the outside
  • When it is judged that it is not suitable as another member

◆ 利用方法 / Step


ステップ1 of 5
ステップ2 of 5
ステップ3 of 5
ステップ4 of 5
ステップ5 of 5

At SUIKA-JYUKU, many friends from all over the world who are learning Japanese gather. Let's enjoy learning Japanese with friends in the same environment as you. Below are specific guidelines.

■ Self introduction
Step 1 of 5
After joining, please introduce yourself in Japanese in the comment section of the [Self-introduction thread] at the top (Announcements).
* Beginners may use Google Translate. Also, hiragana is fine, so please try it in Japanese.

■ Subcommittee
Step 2 of 5
The suica cram school has several subcommittees. Find a subcommittee that suits you. Since the topic becomes a subcommittee as it is, you can tap the topic to see the posts of that subcommittee only.
* You can check the contents of the subcommittee in the overview of suica cram school.

■ Comment
Step 3 of 5
Let's actually comment on the subcommittee post. Questions, impressions, answers, whatever. Hiragana, even if it is wrong, the important thing is to use Japanese. Let's get involved anyway.

■ Self-study
Step 4 of 5
It is important to continue studying Japanese independently. Of course, you can study at Suica Juku, but it is also a place to try and practice your own Japanese. Please use it efficiently.

■ Application
Step 5 of 5
Once you get used to it, let's apply the suica cram school further. You can post as a thread yourself, participate in the mentoring system, participate in 30 meetings (online meetings), hear about LIVE distribution, or take off meetings in subcommittees when Corona calms down, and participate in other events. is. Join us and get better at Japanese!

◆ 投稿の例​ / Post example

  • 「へ」と「に」の違いはなんですか?
  • 日本でおススメの旅行先を教えてください
  • ビジネスメールの注意点はありますか?
  • 得意な日本料理をシェアしよう!
  • 忍者は、日本のどこに行けば会えますか?
  • What is the difference between "へ" and "に"?
  • Please tell me the recommended travel destinations in Japan
  • Are there any precautions for business emails?
  • Let's share your favorite Japanese food!
  • Where can I meet ninjas in Japan?

◆ こんな人におすすめ! / Recommended for people like this!

  • 過去に日本語を勉強したが使ってないので忘れてしまってる人
  • 日本語を勉強しているが、実践(じっせん)の場がない人
  • 忙しくて日本語を練習する時間がない人
  • 自分の日本語を通じて、日本人の友だちが欲しい人
  • 日本の会社で働いているので、日本のビジネスマナーを学びたい人
  • 日本語を勉強したいが何から始めていいか分からない
  • People who have studied Japanese in the past but have forgotten it because they haven't used it
  • People who are studying Japanese but do not have a place to practice
  • People who are too busy to practice Japanese
  • People who want Japanese friends through their Japanese
  • People who want to learn Japanese business etiquette because they work for a Japanese company
  • I want to study Japanese but I don't know what to start with

まとめ​ / Summary


   Well, it's free, you can unsubscribe at any time, and if you get lost, just join us! 










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