Recruitment for General Members

We are recruiting members in all over the world who agree with our will and will work together. As a starting member, will not you excite Japan to the world?

■ Activities

As the content of the activity, there is no particular rule "You must do this". What you do depends on your will! Take advantage of your personality and do activities based on the will of NPR. Of course it is also possible to participate in and manage the projects that NPR is doing (OM●TENASHI®, Japanese Class and so on). I am waiting for your enthusiasm in NPR.

In addition, as a membership provision in NPR, the following items are cited.

1. There are no membership fee, other membership fees etc.

2. We are strictly prohibited from network business, religious affiliation, or any other organization regardless of its content.

3. We do not admit activities not based on the will of NPR.

4. We may unsubscribe if we determine that the NPR Board of Directors is not suitable for membership.

Supporting Member

In NPR, we have established a supporting membership system in order to conduct a wide range of business development. We sincerely look forward to joining individuals and corporations that are approved by the spirit of NPR.

Annual fee: in units of 10,000 yen
Period: 1 year

Supporting members have the following benefits.

■ Posting on the supporting member's list

We will post it on this list.

■ Member price of OM●TENASHI®
You can use OM●TENASHI® Test at a membership price to measure the heart of hospitality. Please refer to here for OM●TENASHI®.



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